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What is unique about North Star?

For thousands of years, the North Star, a.k.a. Stella Polaris has been mariners' only aid for safely crossing the oceans and seas. We of North Star Yachting will aid you in selecting the most compatible yacht, in accordance with your needs, be it for purchase or charter. 

Ever wonder where the nautical terms PORT and STARBOARD derive from?

Way back in the time of the Vikings, men would carry their battle shields home from the ships, heaped with all sorts of bounty. The village would feast late into the night. When it was time for departure, all shields were displayed on the ship's right, or starboard side.
This was the side nearest to the North Star when the ship sailed west. Hence, the Star Board was always on the green side. After plundering, they would return home with the North Star on their left, or "homeport" side. Bloody battle shields hung along the gunwale to signal victory.
Therefore, red became the color for the "homeport" side.

Just remember:
Green's to Starboard departing West,
Red's to port, feast and rest!